There are many moving pieces in completing a real estate or mortgage transaction. Parkway Law Group brings them all together into one smooth transaction. They accomplish this by constantly evaluating our processes and training our staff. They win the game by staying ahead of it.


How does a closing work?

Below is a very brief outline of the Closing Process

Process starts upon receipt of the contract and/or title order form. 

Next is assembling all the necessary information to complete the closing

With that, we identify other preliminary information and contact necessary parties

A title search will be completed

We identify any title issues (loans not paid, liens, court judgments, etc.)

Clear any title issues preventing completion of the closing

Issue a commitment to the lender

Issue ICL (insured closing letter) - assurance from the title company to the lender that all lender requirements will be met by the closing attorney

Complete loan payoffs

Determine taxes and disburse appropriately

Determine whether there are any outstanding water and sewer bills to be paid

Determine homeowner association requirements with regards to outstanding balances or fees that must be paid at closing

Obtain the closing instructions from the lender

Prepare the closing statement and lender's closing package using all of the information obtained previously

Close the Sale

Closings can be complicated. It is important to have a partner who can manage all the moving pieces and ensure a worry-free, successful experience. Parkway Law Group is your trusted real estate partner. 

Seller Preparation for Real Estate Closing

We understand selling your home and moving is a very stressful time in a person's life. In order to serve you better and reduce stress, we have compiled this handy guide to aid you with your closing process.

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Buyer Preparation for Real Estate Closing

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! Check out the information below so that you can be prepared for your closing.

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Practice Areas

There are many moving pieces in completing a real estate or mortgage transaction. Parkway Law Group brings them all together into one smooth transaction. They accomplish this by constantly evaluating their processes and training their staff.  Learn more about their practice areas by clicking here

Meet the Professionals at Parkway Law Group

The state of Georgia requires that real estate closings be conducted by attorneys. Parkway Law Group's attorneys are capable of handling the toughest legal issues in the most complex commercial closings, yet they treat the standard residential closing with the same amount of attention and care.

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Everyone deserves to have that “over the moon” excitement when they walk into their new home. At Southeast Mortgage, we come to work every day because of you. Our work is not just a paycheck, it’s our passion.

What to Expect When Purchasing a Home

The first step of the process is for us to pull your credit report and to review your current financial situation (particularly your income, assets and debts). This will help us determine how much you can qualify for. We will then provide you with a pre-approval letter that will show how much home you can afford. This will be very useful while you are house hunting.

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How do I get pre-approved?

Stress-free Pre-Approvals in just minutes.

Beat out competing buyers by getting pre-approved before you even walk out of the doors of the new home you want to buy! With our digital mortgage application you can apply anywhere… on any device… at any time.

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Refinance Your Home

Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, our goal is just the same. We have your best interest at heart and you will feel that through the entire process.

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What are My Loan Options?

Learn more about finding the right loan option for you HERE.

Meet Donna Dunn

Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing or building your dream home, you have a lot riding on the performance of your mortgage professional. As one of the best mortgage lenders in Georgia, Southeast Mortgage and Donna Dunn will help you explore many innovations and options to get the mortgage that is right for your family.

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